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5th Grade News

Mrs. Wassong & Miss Primavera's 5th Grade Language Arts class enjoyed playing "Pay Your Taxes!" as an introductory lesson to their new historical fiction novel. King Rullo (George) and his trusty Tax Collectors showed the class what taxation was like prior to the American Revolution.
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Kindergarten News

Kindergartners in Ms. Sallustio’s class participated in a Show-and-Tell Museum walk through. Students brought in a special “treasure “ from home. As part of the writing unit students continued to label their pictures and grow as writers. Fourth graders from Mrs. Backiel’s class toured the museum and left positive comments to each student. It was a day filled with lifting others and celebration!
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Clarendon Spelling Bee (click here)

Clarendon School is pleased to announce the 2020 Spelling Bee winners:

Third Place - Renee Valkov
3rd Grade

Second Place - Nirmay Gupta
5th Grade

First Place - Clarendon School’s 2020 Spelling Bee Champion, Shreeya Inamdar
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1st Grade News

Students in Miss Herrmann's class had special visitors from the Peacekeeper's club come to their classroom to read stories of kindness and respect during No No Name Calling week.
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Kindergarten News

Mrs. Jaramillo’s kindergarten presented the final products of their Show and Tell Writers Workshop writing piece. They got to share with 5th graders Emilia Rutowski and Ananya Bajpai, Mr. Castelli, Mrs. Zulauf, and Mrs. Jaramillo.
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Boosterthon Fun Run

Clarendon School has a great day in the Fun Run Boosterthon, raising money for the school. Students and teachers ran laps to earn pledges and they had a blast!
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December Bucketfilling Winners!

December Golden Ticket Bucketfilling Winners!

Kindergarten- Ella Paine & Stefaniia Riabkina
First Grade- Jose Torres & James Olivo
Second Grade-Isabella Rios & Vanad Dwivedi
Third Grade- Emma Garbo & Enrico Bolognino
Fourth Grade- Andressa Galang & Jada-Lynn Castillo
Fifth Grade- Cooper Parades & Benjamin La
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Kindergarten News

Students in Ms. Lamatina’s class are continuing to grow during Writer’s Workshop, where they are learning about Show-and-Tell Writing! Each student brought in a special “treasure” from home, and they spent several days drawing them in detail, labeling each part, and being brave when trying to spell. The fourth graders in Mrs. Harrsch’s class were invited to their Treasure Museum to see the final writing pieces and hear about these special objects. Everyone celebrated the class’s growth!
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