Clarendon School Spring Break

School Closed April 19th
April 22nd - April 26th
One Session Day April 18th 12:30 Dismissal
Breakfast will be served

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The mission of the Secaucus Board of Education is to facilitate the development of each child to his or her greatest potential. The goal of this Board of Education shall be to offer each child in this district the educational opportunity that will enable him/her to function politically, economically, and socially in a democratic society. The Board of Education will provide a planned program of learning that incorporates into its curriculum the lessons and experiences, within and without the classroom, needed to realize the educational goals of this district. The Board will strive unremittingly to provide an educational system that assists each pupil in becoming a self-respecting individual who can function effectively and satisfyingly. The Board of Education's expectation is that students at all grade levels will achieve academic success through accessing our curricula, which are aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards in all subjects. The Board of Education will endeavor to employ a high-caliber, well-prepared staff of adequate size and wide-ranging abilities. The Board will provide pupils and staff with adequate educational supplies, equipment and facilities to accomplish these goals.

Latest News

Clarendon School Spring Break

School Closed April 19th April 22nd - April 26th One Session Day April 18th 12:30 Dismissal Breakfast will be served

Autism Awareness Month

Clarendon school concluded Autism Awareness Month with a blue ice sale. With the purchase of an ice, the students also received a puzzle piece to complete a giant interlocking puzzle. Throughout the month, nearly $3000 was raised for spectrum works and $1900 was raised for Autism New Jersey with everyone being a little more aware of autism! Way to go Clarendon School!

Kindergarten News

In conjunction with Ww week and upcoming Earth Day, Kindergarten enjoyed a Spring worm dig this week! Students read and talked about how worms aerate and improve soil quality to allow for better plant growth. They examined and observed how they burrow and gravitate to dark and damp areas. They also discussed the environmental benefits of composting.

4th Grade News

The 4th graders did a wonderful job presenting their American Revolution projects. They dressed as historical figures such as Ben Franklin. Thomas Jefferson, John Andre, Paul Revere, Sarah Bach, Abigail Adams, Samuel Adams, Molly Pitcher, and Thomas Paine while presenting speeches they wrote in their perspectives.

3rd Grade News

Students in the third grade presented their story boards to the other students in Clarendon school. The third graders were dressed up as a fictional character from their book and retold various story elements to the students.