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News & Announcements

Kindergarten News

Mrs. Jaramillo’s kindergarteners have been testing their knowledge of force by building ramps and kites.

Kindergarten News

Ms. Lamatina's class did another Home Scavenger Hunt as they learned about the letter Bb. Students had 15 minutes to search their house for things like a book, a bowl, something brown, black, and blue, and a bunny or bear. The students and their families had a great time participating in this activity!

Updated School Closing and Elementary Distance Learning Plan (click here)

Dear Secaucus School District Families,

Mayor Gonnelli and Superintendent Montesano met as a team with the COVID-19 Secaucus task force and decided, as a precautionary measure, the Secaucus School District will be closed from Monday, March 16th through Friday, April 3rd. During these days, students do not report to school. Please be advised that Virtual Learning will begin for ALL students on Monday, March 16th. The district’s distance learning plan can be accessed through both the district and town websites. All student activities and clubs are cancelled during this time. The free and reduced lunch program will continue and all eligible families will be contacted with additional information. Please remember to check your email as well as the town and district websites daily for any updates.
Also all students/parents have received a join code for their teacher's Google Classroom through e-mail. Using your child's "" google email address, you will be required to log-on to the Google Classroom each day to receive the student's assignment and inform the teacher through a discussion feed that the student is present. Please e-mail your child's teacher for more detailed information. Please click on "Read Full Story" on bottom of this window to be directed to the Grades K-5 Instructional Plan.

St. Jude News (click here)

St. Jude T-Shirt Day
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Let’s continue to show support to the children of
St. Jude by wearing your St. Jude T-Shirt.

Character Ed News

Clarendon School did a SEL character education lesson for all grades
to encourage our students to think about their many talents and positive
traits and to create an "I AM" piece of artwork to express this. It is near
our front office. Adison Meyer, Anjali Patel & Nalani Proenza Trueblood are eagerly
helping School Counselor Dawn Doering display the beautiful artwork our
students created.

February Bucketfilling Winners!

February Bucketfilling Winners!

Nilay Urkin
Riyanka Joshi

First Grade-
Logan Tamayo
Isaiah Fisher

Second Grade-
Shreeya Kakadia
Piper Yuan

Third Grade-
Joe Leppin
Slayner Santana

Fourth Grade-
Bradley Worman
Lia Molina

Fifth Grade-
Mateo Jimenez
Ansh Rajwani

School Spirit Day

This Wednesday, March 25th will be school spirit day. If you’d like to participate, please share photos of your children wearing Clarendon School shirts during their distance learning lessons. You can email your pictures to Thank you and have a great weekend. #SecaucusPride
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