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Parent-School Communication

The Secaucus School District thrives on positive communication and believes that parents/guardians and teachers are partners in the educational process. It is important that a child’s progress is reported on an ongoing basis to facilitate a cooperative home/school effort to encourage and support student learning. 

Methods of communication include:

  • Parent/Teacher Conference (Fall)

  • Deficiency notices (mid-trimester deficiency in performance or possible failure or near failure in any subject area

  • Commendation notices

  • Report Cards (trimesters)
    • All report cards are available on the Realtime Parent Portal
      • Please follow the following steps:

  • Informational notices (on an as-needed basis)

  • Parents/guardians are encouraged to notify the teacher or guidance counselor of any special concerns (via personal note or phone call)

* See School Calendar for specific dates.