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4th Grade News

Clarendon school’s fourth grade students enjoyed a fun filled day learning and exploring at the Museum of Natural History in New York today.
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3rd Grade News

The thirds graders spent their morning at Secaucus Town Hall. They learned about the town government and departments, toured the building, visited the mayor’s office, visited the police department and jail cells, and even participated in a mock trial with the real judge! Thank you to all the people involved in making this event possible.
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4th and 5th Grade Chorus

The Clarendon 4th and 5th Grade Chorus just earned a rating of superior at The High Note Festival on Friday, May 3rd. After singing two of the songs from their concert program, the students received a trophy, listened to a HIgh School Choir from Connecticut and then boarded the buses for a day at "Six Flags Great Adventure".
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Kindergarten News

The students in kindergarten are learning about two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Students also learned that modeling was the best way to examine a three-dimensional shape. Here, some students pose with their self-created cubes using clay and straws.
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4th Grade News

Mrs. Harrsch & Mrs. Bartletta's math classes worked in centers to review using & reading a protractor, finding perimeter & area of irregular figures, prodigy or freckle, and making and reading line plots.
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Mindfulness Assembly

On Thursday, April 18, 2019 Clarendon School held a Mindfulness assembly hosted
by Dr. Danielle Garzon, Mrs. Dawn Doering, Mrs. Anna Falco, Mrs Laura Sprow, Ms.
Krystle Snarksi and Mrs. Michele Wurst.  Students were introduced to mindfulness
and participated in activities to help manage attention, maintain focus and regulate
stress levels.
What is Mindfulness?
“Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention in a particular way.  It helps us to
notice our thoughts, feelings and actions without judgment.  Researchers in major
universities all over the country have been studying the effects of mindful
practice for many years.  The results that you may find the most beneficial are
how it helps us manage stress. Stress typically gets in the way of everything we
want to do and accomplish.  Finding healthy and helpful ways to reduce stress tends
to make us happier in our lives now and in the future.
Mindfulness is being practiced by major athletes, corporate executives, and in
many schools.  We will be exploring it together and discover how we can apply some
of these techniques into our lives.”
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St. Jude News

The St Jude Monster Golf event held on Friday, April 19, 2019 was a huge success. The kids enjoyed mini golf, arcade games and unlimited laser maze. We are happy to announce the event raised more money for the children of St Jude.
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Autism Awareness Month

Clarendon school concluded Autism Awareness Month with a blue ice sale. With the purchase of an ice, the students also received a puzzle piece to complete a giant interlocking puzzle. Throughout the month, nearly $3000 was raised for spectrum works and $1900 was raised for Autism New Jersey with everyone being a little more aware of autism! Way to go Clarendon School!
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Kindergarten News

In conjunction with Ww week and upcoming Earth Day, Kindergarten enjoyed a Spring worm dig this week! Students read and talked about how worms aerate and improve soil quality to allow for better plant growth. They examined and observed how they burrow and gravitate to dark and damp areas. They also discussed the environmental benefits of composting.
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