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Kindergarten News

Mrs. Jaramillo’s and Mrs. Falco’s Kindergartners celebrated completing “100 days of loving learning” by rotating through 100th Day and Valentine’s Day themed small group activities.
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5th Grade News

The Stock Market Game

Bulls and Bears
Mrs. Wurst's 5th grade G&T students conducted research on how companies differ from products and brands by comparing and contrasting distinguishing characteristics.

Students experienced how to become shareholders in a company by participating in The Stock Market Game simulation. The benefits, obligations, growth, control and risk of a company going public vs. remaining privately held company were all part of this real world multidisciplinary unit.
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Winter Recess 2019

Clarendon School Winter Recess. School Closed Friday February 15th, Monday February 18th, and Tuesday February 19th. School re-opens Wednesday February 20th.
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2nd Grade News

Ms. Hensle’s class participated in a STEM team challenge. They had to work together with their team to see who could make the longest paper chain using only two pieces of paper.
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1st Grade News

Mrs. Knapp's Character Education club is focusing on the character trait courage this month. Students are learning how to be brave and try new things.
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Astronomy Convocation

On February 5, 2019, the fifth grade G&T students attended an Astronomy Convocation at The Meadowlands Environmental Center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. This convocation entitled "The Sun Through Time" was a multidisciplinary workshop based on the theme of solar astronomy. Our fifth grade students participated in one of four modules investigating humans' understanding of the sun through time with ancient cultures, sundials, telescopes, solar energy and modern solar study.
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