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2nd Grade Supply List

2nd Grade Supply List
Please make sure all supplies are labeled with your child's name.
Please leave all extra supplies at home. Please check your box daily and replenish supplies when needed. 
A 6-quart plastic container with lid attached labeled with your child's name (Must be able to fit all daily supplies and be easy to transport for the child)
Supplies needed for container:
5 sharpened pencils
A large pink eraser
5 glue sticks
2 black or blue pens
1 highlighter
1 black Sharpie marker
1 pack of sticky Post-It notes
1 – 24 pack of crayons
1 – pack of washable markers
Other supplies needed:
2 marble composition notebooks - (1 labeled Writing)
( 1 labeled Phonics)
2 plastic sturdy 2 pocket folders (1 labeled home)
(1 labeled school)
Headphones or earbuds labeled with your child name in a sealable Zip-Loc bag
Individual tissue packs
Individual hand sanitizer labeled with your child's name
Optional: Wireless mouse


2nd Grade Teachers