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News & Announcements

100th Day of School

The students in Mrs. Ortiz's reading and Languages arts classes are not only leaning how to read with fluency, intonation, decode, comprehend and write 3-5 paragraph essays, they are also learning about empathy. Helping other children make it to another birthday is an important lesson.
Working together is also an ongoing theme in Mrs. Ortiz's classroom.
On the 100th day of school students worked together to build a new 100 cup structure and they also had to decide what to do with $100. Many decided to donate it to the sick children of St Jude Research Hospital. Cheers to 100 days of learning!

Kindergarten News

​Mrs. Abuhouran's Class was so excited to get new coloring books from Mayor Mike Gonelli at Clarendon School! Thank you Mayor Gonelli for visiting all the kindergarten classes and your kind thoughtful gifts! The students are always excited to see you here at Clarendon School!
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