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Technology News

5th grade students in Mr. Sommer's technology class learned to code, while creating spooky Halloween animations, stories and games.
The kids also had fun with their friends when they collaborated and played their creations together!
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3rd Grade News

Third graders brought their math lesson to the gymnasium and became a human vertical bar graph! In preparation, students collaborated as a team creating and designing a title, scale, and candy categories. They voted for their favorite candy based on Halloween’s trick-or-treating results. We learned how to collect and analyze data, and and now we have a delicious bar graph of our own! Who knew math could be so sweet?
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1st Grade News

The 1st Graders at Clarendon School brought their story book characters alive by decorating pumpkins to replicate their favorites!
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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week was October 22nd-October 26th. The students of Clarendon School
participated daily in activities and had class discussions. On Friday, Dave Bratton from
the Secaucus Coalition came in and gave a presentation to our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students.
The Coalition kindly donated a variety of items for all students in grades 3-5. We are very appreciative
for their support on this important mission, to educate our students so when they are older they make
good choices and say NO to drugs.
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2nd Grade News

The second grade students in Mrs. Wurst’s class worked together to find and sort different types of literature according to its author’s purpose.
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Bucketfilling Winners

September Golden Ticket Bucketfilling Program Winners

Kindergarten- Cecilia Mascarenhas
First Grade- Martin Gjeroski
Second Grade- Devin Ledesma
Third Grade- Bradley Worman
Fourth Grade- Lily Sedgwick
Fifth Grade- Mira Lavatman
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2nd Grade News

The 2nd grade students in Mrs. Wurst’s class are learning about where sand comes from in Science. After hypothesizing the different ways sand may form, the students worked in small groups to turn “boulders” into “sand”, modeling the way boulders travel down rivers towards oceans, breaking down to create sand.
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