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Week of Respect 10/3-10/7

Students at Clarendon School are asked to reflect on what respect means to them during a week of activities. Students explore the importance of empathy, acceptance, respect, and personal responsibility by being a HERO! Which stands for Helping Everyone Respect Others.
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June Bucketfilling Winners

June Bucketfilling Winners

Kindergarten- Yandel Medina-Aponte
First Grade- Zachary Fink
Second Grade- Vella Vergieva
Third Grade-Olivia Lanzalotto
Fourth Grade- Connor Backiel
Fifth Grade- David Kowalesky
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5th Grade News

In June, Mrs. Smeyers and Mrs. Seetaram along with their 5th grade students hosted a Probability Math Carnival in the courtyard of Clarendon School. These students worked hard for three weeks on their project based learning activity by being in charge of their learning by creating ideas, planning with group members, preparing materials, and finally, being carnival game hosts explaining the probability of each of their games. Many teachers and students stopped by and enjoyed seeing the students commitment to their work and listening to them explaining about the probability and chances of winning the game! The students brought probability skills to life at this fun-filled math event!
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Poetry Cafe

Mrs Ortiz's Reading and Language Arts classes got together for an amazing Poetry Cafe. The students presented authentic poems and explanations of each poetic device.
Parents and attendees enjoyed a wonderful photo slideshow which featured memorable photos of students learning. When all the poems were read, parents enjoyed homemade baked treats, and got to spend time with their favorite poet!
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Clarendon's Memorial Day Assembly

Clarendon School celebrated Memorial Day by inviting veterans who are relatives and friends of our students to join us for an assembly. Our honored guests were treated to songs, poems, essays, and cookies! We enjoyed their visit immensely and look forward to seeing them again next year.
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Clarendon Girls Circle members read to kindergarten and first grade classes

Members of Girls Circle read children’s stories featuring characters with hobbies and play preferences that are often associated with members of the opposite gender. The girls have been working on several projects related to challenging gender stereotyping in our culture. They are passionate about this topic and were eager to spread the message to the school’s youngest students, that children should feel free to be themselves and to accept and respect everyone.
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