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I am proud to be the School Counselor for Clarendon Elementary.

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My biggest role I play in our building is to be an advocate for all of the students in our school. I am the friendly face that says hello to all students when I see them walking through the halls. I need to be that person where if they are upset, and need to talk, I am here to help and guide them. I hold social skills groups for children that need that extra support socially.

I also serve as our school’s Anti Bullying Specialist. If you ever have a concern that your child is being bullied, please feel free to reach out. Also, help assure your child that I am here to listen to them if they are having normal conflict with a peer. Conflicts happen daily with children as it is part of growing up as is making a bad choice. Childhood is full of learning not just academically, but socially as well.

I also run the school’s character education school wide program, which is our golden ticket bucketfilling program. Students earn golden tickets for being respectful and kind towards others. Once a month, during lunchtime we pick one student per grade from our bucket which is  FULL of tickets, to spin the wheel and in return they get a prize. This is SUPER exciting for all of our students! The smiles on their faces is the best part!!

If you ever need to speak to a teacher, or have a question, feel free to reach out to me to set that up for you. My phone number is 201-974-2021 and my email is


Mrs. Doering