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School Hours/Emergency Closings

School Opening and Closing Hours | Regina Public Schools


School Opening and Closing Times


It is the practice of the Secaucus School District to keep schools open on a regular basis despite inclement weather. However, severe storms, which cause heavy snow accumulations, will force the closing of schools.  Sometimes we are faced with a light snow that creates hazardous road conditions during the early morning hours.  In instances such as this, the district will delay the opening of school by two hours and bus routes will be adjusted accordingly.  A delayed opening allows the safe operation of our school system since most commuter traffic has dissipated and the roads have been cleared by the Department of Public Works. Hopefully, this will minimize the number of days school will be closed during the winter season.                    



Regular Opening/Closing Time

Delayed Opening/Closing

One Session

Early Dismissal

Huber & Clarendon

8:20 – 3:00

10:20 – 3:00

8:20 – 12:30

8:20 – 12:30

Millridge PreK AM

8:30 – 10:55


8:30 – 10:10

8:30 – 10:55

Millridge PreK PM

12:10 – 2:35

12:10 – 2:35

10:30 – 12:10



Delayed Opening Information


When weather conditions prevent us from opening schools at the regular time, the following procedure will be put into effect: 

  • Announcement of a school closing or a two hour delayed opening will be made over stations NEWS 12NJ, WNBC-TV, WABC-TV, the Secaucus District Facebook and Twitter pages, and Secaucus Board of Education website www.sboe.org.
  • The Secaucus School District will use Connect-ED, our school-to parent communication system, to inform parents/guardians of school closings, delayed openings, and inclement weather or emergency early dismissals.  
  • On a delayed opening day, bus students will report to their assigned stop two hours later than usual. 
  • Lunch is served as scheduled on a delayed opening. Lunch is not served on a one session or early dismissal day.