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News & Announcements

St. Jude News

Michael Hartung, Clarendon School kindergarten student from Mrs. Falco’s class, was the winner of the annual St. Jude Candy Corn Guess that was on Monday, October 30, 2017. Michael’s Guess was 821 and the actual number was 822. Michael won some wonderful prizes as well as the jar of candy corns.

October Bucketfillers

Kindergarten- Javier Vargas
First Grade- Renee Valkov
Second Grade- Paul Moser
Second Grade- Jada Lyn Castillo
Third Grade- Haley Gutierrez
Fourth Grade- Nicholas Elissa
Fifth Grade- Amanda Miedel

Welcome to Ms. Montesano

Clarendon Kindergarteners welcome our new Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Montesano!

From left to right: Piper Yuan, Ms. Montesano, Avery Hamilton, Dante Vega, Emma Valente, Mason Fisher, Frankie Falco

SGO Food Drive

The winner of the SGO Food Drive is Mrs. Backiel's 4th grade class who collected 285 items for the Secaucus Food Pantry. As a school we collected over 1,000 items!

SGO 4th and 5th Grade Dance

Clarendon SGO sponsored a Fall Harvest Dance on October 18th for its 4th and 5th Graders. The students spent the months of September and October gathering donations for the Secaucus Food Pantry. The SGO members volunteered their time to collect and count donation items. They also, created festive decorations for the dance. Fun was had by all at this wonderful fall event!

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten students in Mrs. Falco's class enjoyed a hands-on activity during math class using marshmallows and straws during their shape exploration activity.

Week of Respect 10/3-10/7

Students at Clarendon School are asked to reflect on what respect means to them during a week of activities. Students explore the importance of empathy, acceptance, respect, and personal responsibility by being a HERO! Which stands for Helping Everyone Respect Others.

1st Grade News

STEM challenge - Can you construct a floating raft out of apples and toothpicks?
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