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Summer Reading




Frog and Toad are Friends

Written by Arnold Lobel


“It's April, and Frog is looking forward to a whole year of happy times with

his best friend, Toad. If only Toad would agree to wake up from his long

winter nap! In the first of five short stories, clever Frog finds a way to rouse

his sleepy friend. And as children will soon see, theirs is a marvelous

friendship. When Frog doesn't feel well, Toad tries to tell him a story. When

Toad loses a button, Frog helps him look for it. When Toad goes swimming in

his funny bathing suit, Frog tries not to laugh, and when Toad is sad because

he never gets any mail, Frog knows just what to do. Frog and Toad Are

Friends invites beginning readers to celebrate the wonder of friendship in

happy stories they can read by themselves”.






Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade

Written by Suzy Kline


“Everything seems different to Doug and Harry when they arrive at school on

the first day of third grade. But before long, they locate Miss Mackle and

their classmates (including Harry's rival, Sidney). As the kids tell about their

summer activities, Doug says that his family visited a copper mine. He

neglects to mention that he was too scared to go in. Miss Mackle decides the

mine would be a great field trip destination, much to Doug's dismay. Harry

and Sidney play tricks on each other from day one of third grade — but when

Sidney disappears on the field trip, everyone worries. Even Harry is relieved

when Sidney is found, and the two boys become friends.”





The Hundred Dresses

Written by Eleanor Estes


“In this Newbery Honor Book, a young girl comes to terms with the effect

that the teasing of her friends has had on a shy classmate. Though Maddie

feels increasingly uncomfortable with the way the other girls — led by her

best friend, Peggy — joke with Wanda, she doesn't have the courage to do

anything about it. Then one day Wanda stops coming to school. Maddie can't

shake a bad feeling about Wanda's absence, but she pushes it aside,

preferring instead to think about the drawing contest, which she is sure Peggy

will win.”





Eight Keys

Written by: Suzanne LaFleur


“The main themes in this book are love, family, friendship, and bullying.”

Elise, our main character, is far from perfect but the reader cannot help but

empathize and encourage her throughout her character development. Eight

Keys explores many of the thoughts, feelings, insecurities and experiences

that children go through in school, especially during that awkward stage

between being a child and a teenager. This is a story is about being lost for a

time and it offers a magical journey back to all things important: love, family,

friendship, and honoring your authentic self.”